Change Log

The change log mostly for personal interest right to keep track of the site progress over the years, but I figured I might as well make it available for anyone who is interested. I’ll make sure each version will have the date I push the changes, and features will be followed by the date I added them to the list. Features with** are the ones that I’m putting priority into working on either because they’re easy or because it’s something I really want to do or need to do (since IE testing doesn’t count as desirable). However, features can happen in any order I want–It’s my site! :-)

P.S. If you want to see something on the site, or notice something wrong, please send me a note and let me know!

1.0 11/28/11

  • Initial website Release

1.1 12/20/11

  • Started Versions
  • Added Comments
  • Changed header image to use apple reflection
  • fixed bugs with overlapping columns
  • made My Links and Follow buttons lowercase
  • Added Keywords (SEO stuff, not seen)
  • Started to cleanup unnecessary HTML
  • added iOS webclip icons
  • changed previous and next page buttons
  • Removed Add this buttons

1.12 12/20/11

  • Fixed Previous and Next Page buttons

1.15 12/21/11

  • Added change log file to the site.

1.2 12/26/11

  • Redid ALL CSS to make site more clean and friendly
  • Finished Cleaning Up HTML. This was a HUGE job because I essentially re-wrote most of theme, and spent hours debugging CSS, but the result should be that the pages behave better and flow better at different resolutions.
  • Added dashed line above footer, instead of end of posts
  • Fixed Search bar alignment
  • clicking on a tag now goes to a page in chronological order
  • Fixed Mis-labeled Follow buttons
  • Post titles on Post pages are now serif
  • Made copyright years manual.
  • Made minor changes to footer
  • Added Beginnings of Affiliates page
  • Cleaned up spacing around header image
  • Added post tags as keywords for SEO on post pages
  • Attempted to make photos more scalable
  • Improved Notes display

1.21 12/31/11

  • Fixed headshot padding problem
  • Modified Footer text
  • Made photos scale better
  • Notes should appear inline
  • Fixed a litany of problems with this page…

1.3 1/23/2012

  • Made portrait images smaller (600px tall) so they can be seen more easily on small screens.
  • Removed Comments for the time being, but I can reinstate the easily, if you tell me to.
  • Added a real contact page. Now someone just needs to use it, and I need to make it look better.

1.31 2/24/2012

  • Expanded the About page
  • Added Certification Info

1.4 2/27/2012

  • Added Flickr sets to a photos page
  • Changed the tags order to newest first
  • Made Day, Search and Title page headings h1 instead of h2, for consistency with normal pages.

1.41 3/1/2012

  • Added twitter links to About page
  • Moved Twitter to follow section

1.5 3/16/2012

  • Cleaned up this page (badly needed)
  • Fixed a lot of tags for portrait and landscape oriented images
  • Made it possible to have a second sub-blog
  • Moved old text posts to the sub-blog
  • Improved Day page links - maybe
  • Added links to day pages by clicking on the date in each post
  • Fixed bugs not showing borders for all images
  • Working on improving the Photography page for small screens
  • Moved some Links/Follow URLS around to be more logical
  • Working on Improving SEO in theme
  • Making more links easy to change in Tumblr
  • Making Day Pages appear in titles
  • Shortened post titles in address bar

1.5.1 3/23/2012

  • Changed Photography Page to two column layout
  • Increased the image size and improved iOS/ mobile display

1.5.2 3/26/2012

  • Finally improved mobile display to prevent horizontal scrolling
  • Cleaned up LOTS of CSS and hopefully fixed little inconsistencies
  • Made Main Page Navigation Centered
  • Changed Header Image to appear more centered
  • Increased Horizontal use of screen space
  • Started Using High Res tumblr photos
  • Increased thumbnail resolution
  • Some other minor stuff…

1.5.3 4/3/2012

  • Fixed LOTS of weird issues with separating posts to different blogs
  • Improved the Blog page
  • Put Add This back in, but I may change it

1.5.4 5/23/2012

  • Fixed the Tags page titles…again!
  • P.S. CSS Selectors are pretty damn awesome.

1.6 7/13/2012

  • Made the photos page super awesome by adding ALL my Flickr sets
  • The jQuery hovers also now link to the flickr sets pages

2.0 12/31/2012

  • MAJOR Rewrite! Moved to Jekyll and GH pages! :)
  • Changed layout of images on main page (no descriptions)
  • rounded backgrounds on links list
  • Fixed TONS of typos and cleaned up tags across all posts!

2.1 7/15/2013

  • Lots of little fixes
  • Focus on page load optimizations
  • Reduced DOM elements that were unnecessary
  • Cleaner index pages (no tags)

Features for the Future:

Add more photos to photos page - Eternal item.

  • Finally added Flickr sets to the page, version 1.4 2/27/12
  • Made the Photo page AWESOME using python. :) 1.6 7/13/12

Figure out affiliate programs

  • iTunes
  • Other sites?
  • Amazon - Need to improve links
  • B&H Photo

Fix Screenshots alignment on iPhone page

  • Possibly make it a pop out slideshow

Fix bullets list in FF on iPhone page

Static post as a welcome message?

Header image on fewer pages? Or have a second smaller one?

Start blogging! Haha… I need time!

Things I’ve Implemented:

Improve display of notes

  • Added 1.21, 12/31/11, so far I’m ok…

Make notes not cascade

  • Added 1.21, 12/31/11

Make photo posts scale better

  • May be limited by Tumblr to 500px
  • Current ver may work ok… -12/26/11
  • Limited scaling size in 1.21

Add a real contact page

  • Added: ver 1.3, 1/23/12

Posts Tagged should be caps

  • Fixed ver 1.2, 12/26/11
  • Added 1.21, 12/31/11

Make Post titles a bit smaller

  • Added: ver 1.2, 12/26/11

Remove comments from ‘static’ pages?

  • Added: ver 1.3, 1/23/12 - but only because I removed comments

Change text post headers to serif on permalinkpages

  • Added: ver 1.2, 12/26/11

Finish Cleaning up all the useless HTML

  • Added: ver 1.2, 12/26/11
  • Continued Improvements, ver 1.5, 3/16/11
  • Added: ver 1.15, 12/21/11

Fix the padding around my headshot on the about page

  • Added: ver 1.21, 12/31/11

Fix Search Bar Alignment

  • Added: ver 1.2, 12/26/11

Find a good representation method for flickr sets on photos page

  • Added: ver 1.4, 2/27/2012

Make decision about sharing buttons

  • Facebook, Twitter, +1, Tumblr
  • Added: ver 1.5.3, 4/3/2012, (no Tumblr…)
  • Ditch add this?

Clean up all previous tags for tumblr

  • Accomplished with ver 2.0!








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